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Why Water Treatment Services?

Naturally available water has many impurities ranging from dissolved minerals and solids to fouling from external contaminants like microbial growth, which is usually unsuitable for human consumption or industrial process. Water treatment is an engineered solution to recondition the water quality to optimum results.


What Are Your Common Problems?

Typical areas where water is used include domestic water, industrial process water and waste/effluent water systems. For domestic/potable water systems, the water quality depends on the source and might require treatment to reduce suspended solids, dissolved solids and also need suitable disinfection. Industrial process water includes cooling water, hot water and steam generating systems. The common problems in industrial water are corrosion, scale formation, fouling and microbiological activity. Due to the possibility of potential damage to the environment, waste water/effluent water has to be treated to limit various hazardous elements.


How Can We Help?

Total Environmental Compliance Limited has the experience and expertise to manage water treatment programs devised for specific applications.

We can provide you with comprehensive treatment including supply, dosage and control of specialty chemicals, automated dosing system, on-site & laboratory water analysis and consultancy for:

  • Potable Water Systems: Apart from conventional temperature control regime, we have the expertise to offer made-to-measure chlorine dioxide generating units installed on site. Where the situation demands additional controls in a positive legionella scenario, we have the facility to offer you best solution for cost vs quality by short term rental of chlorine dioxide generators until microbiological control is achieved. We are also able to supply you with market leading Point of Use legionella filters at a very competitive price.
  • Swimming pools, spas and other ornamental water features: In addition to regular water treatment and monitoring regime of the water system and maintenance of filtration systems, we are capable of inspecting the quality of UV disinfection systems and replace lamps where required.
  • Cooling Towers, condensers and other open recirculating cooling water systems.We offer complete range of water treatment solutions for cooling water systems through unique range of treatment chemicals, including solid chemistry, with the support of our water treatment engineers and chemists who are amongst the best in the industry. We also supply and install tower packs and carry out other remediation works to the tower like internal coating.
  • Closed Cooling Water Systems
  • LT & MT Hot Water Systems
  • Steam Boiler Treatment in compliance with BS 2486 

For further information please contact us on 0151 257 9302 or via email at info@tecompliance.co.uk