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Water Softening Service

Is your water softener working at maximum capacity? Is it as effective as it should be?

Many industrial and domestic settings install water softeners in their systems to prevent scale build up and to maintain an efficient water system.

Once installed, it will need servicing. Maintenance of your soft water supply to your hot water system, bathrooms and showers will ensure it is free from hard ions/compounds and servicing should be completed to avoid costly future repair works.

Preventative servicing will ensure your water system maintains high levels of water hygiene, compliance, and longevity. Without regular servicing, the worse it gets and the more difficult it becomes to put right.

Protect high quality water supply, reduce maintenance costs and scale build up.

Total Environmental Compliance can help you

We offer very competitive Water Softener Services and Repairs that can be easily customised to any level of requirements

We carry out water softening services for Ion exchange, simplex, duplex and non-electric water softeners.
Water softener services should be carried out annually or in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Our Water Softener Service:

  • Is designed to remove the hardness of minerals from the water supply
  • Will eliminate scale build up in all water outlets and pipes
  • Reduces the risk of Legionella
  • Ensures high water quality and hygiene levels
  • Helps you avoid expensive future repairs in your water system
  • Needs to be carried out annually (depending on the manufacturers guidelines)

As an extra, we can provide a resin health check to assess the quality and condition of your water softener.

We offer performance, major and combined servicing options. Get in touch with us to discuss our fully comprehensive Water Softener Service.

Achieve Total Compliance

Get in touch with us today to discuss all your Legionella, water hygiene and water safety requirements.

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“I’ve worked closely with TEC for a couple of years now, and can only praise their efficiency on site, quality of service, and speed of action. The team are always willing to lend their technical expertise to explain the results of tests, and reasoning behind quotations, and are led brilliantly by our main point of contact, Mike Darby.

Mike’s experience, knowledge, and willingness to assist ensures our clients get the best and fastest service possible, without compromising the affordability.”

- Conor Shanahan-Kluth