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What Does Water Hygiene Involve?

This could be the implementation and monitoring of written control schemes after a risk assessment or general upgrade/ improvement of your water system. We can assist you in not only providing tried and tested methods of monitoring, cleaning, disinfection and refurbishment of water systems, but also in designing innovative engineered control measures to comply with relevant legal requirements.

What Are Your Legal Requirements?

Under COSHH Regulations 2002 and ACoP L8, employers have legal duty to prepare and manage a scheme for maintaining safe water quality. Paragraph 12 of ACoP L8 states, “As well as requiring risk assessments, they (Health &Safety at Work Act 1974 & Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999) also require employers to have access to competent help in applying the provisions of health and safety law”.

HSG274 is a three-part technical guidance document which further details the control measures that are required to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria in cooling water systems, domestic hot and cold water systems as well as other risk systems. Other legal statutes regarding water storage and supply include The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and The Water Byelaws 2000 (Scotland). Supporting guidelines are BS 8558.

Specification for design, installation, testing and maintenance of services supplying water for domestic use within buildings and their curtilages , HTM 2040 NHS Estates 1993 The control of Legionella in health care premises , BS 4485 Water Cooling Towers etc.

How Can We Help?

Following a risk assessment of water systems, Total Environmental Limited is able to physically undertake remedial action required in order to comply with recommendations stated in ACoP L8. Typical water hygiene activities we under take include but not limited to:

  • Descaling/cleaning/disinfection of storage tanks, cooling tower, showerhead, calorifier etc.
  • Hot and cold water system disinfection
  • Tank refurbishments and upgrades to ‘Byelaw 30’
  • Water quality testing

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In my capacity as M&E Surveyor, with responsibility for Water Hygiene, I have found Total Environmental Compliance (TEC) to be a responsible, organised and compliant company. During the 10 year partnership they have had with One Housing Group, we have found all staff and engineers to be knowledgeable, polite and have not received a single complaint. Our dedicated Client Manager makes this contract a pleasure to run, as she is aware of all aspects of the contract and our requirements. They have continually high KPI scores and met all SLA’s, which are quite high.

We look forward to working with TEC for the foreseeable future.

- Peter Gardener – M&E Surveyor