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Chemical Dosing Maintenance and Installation

What is Chemical Dosing?

Chemical dosing involves dissolving chemicals in water to make it safe to use for many requirements. From drinking water to large scale industrial water usage, chemical dosing is hugely important in providing a safe water supply.

Chemical dosing in water is used across a vast range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • pH control for drinking water or wastewater.
  • Chemical precipitation in drinking water.
  • Descaling in industrial applications.
  • Removal of dangerous compounds in wastewater.
  • Antifoam dosing in wastewater treatment.
  • Biocidal treatment for Drinking water & industrial equipment

Chemical Dosing Maintenance and Installation Service

Total Environmental Compliance offers support and guidance through the various options and offer the most appropriate and effective chemical treatment system for your specific requirements.

We offer:

  • Design and installation of chemical dosing and storage systems for a vast range of applications.
  • Solutions that adhere to European standards and HSE guidance
  • Custom design services that can be tailored to your sector and business to ensure your system can be operated and maintained safely.

Whatever your sector or application, we can provide a range of dosing and mixing solutions off the shelf. Just ask us about this.

Total Environmental Compliance also offers maintenance plans on all dosing equipment using OEM service kits to prevent costly breakdowns and maintain efficiency of dosing equipment.

Systems can be designed and installed specifically to suit the individual needs of your process. Custom bunding, labelling and splash protection can be installed to ensure health & safety is at the forefront of your system.

  • Supply of Dosing Pumps
  • Supply of Dosing Chemicals
  • Supply of service Kits
  • Supply of Chemical Tanks
  • Supply of Dosing Equipment

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In my capacity as M&E Surveyor, with responsibility for Water Hygiene, I have found Total Environmental Compliance (TEC) to be a responsible, organised and compliant company. During the 10 year partnership they have had with One Housing Group, we have found all staff and engineers to be knowledgeable, polite and have not received a single complaint. Our dedicated Client Manager makes this contract a pleasure to run, as she is aware of all aspects of the contract and our requirements. They have continually high KPI scores and met all SLA’s, which are quite high.

We look forward to working with TEC for the foreseeable future.

- Peter Gardener – M&E Surveyor