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Cooling Tower Water Treatment & Maintenance

Cooling Tower Compliance and Safety

With a vast history in cooling tower treatment and maintenance, Total Environmental Compliance fully understands the impact that mismanagement can have on your cooling tower system.

Cooling towers pose a very high risk of Legionella due to the operating conditions and environment they are located in. Not only that, damaging corrosion, scaling and deposits occur if cooling towers are not regularly cleaned and inspected. Cooling tower maintenance is of paramount importance to ensure safety and compliance for all.

Our complete package includes regular testing of your pre-treatment and towers, offering weekly or monthly service visits, depending on your requirements.

Our Cooling Tower Water treatment and maintenance service delivers:

  • Tailored chemical supply
  • Regular chemical testing
  • Tower cleaning by experienced water treatment engineers
  • Maintenance of the pre-treatment systems
  • Maintenance of the dosing systems
  • Tower sampling

Our water treatment specialists have extensive understanding and experience when it comes to cooling tower chemistry and flow dynamic. They can best advise,  recommend and supply the technology and treatments for effective cooling tower management.  

Achieve Total Compliance

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Cranfield University

I would thoroughly recommend Total Environmental Compliance. Their detailed level of reporting and communication is outstanding. I now know what is being undertaken, when it will be achieved and the results are communicated in a timely manner. The team are professional, experienced and dedicated to the task of minimising Legionella risk. Given the size of the campus and the complexity of the services, they have performed admirably.

- Robert Oxlade, Mechanical Engineer