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RPZ Service - Installation, Testing and Repairs

Protect your potable water supply with our RPZ service

Have your RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) valves been serviced lately?

Has an RPZ valve been recommended for your water system following a Legionella risk assessment?

Total Environmental Compliance is an expert in the water treatment sector and water hygiene services. Our experienced and knowledgeable specialists have been providing RPZ testing, repairs and installations across a range of sectors for many years.

What is an RPZ Valve?

Many public facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, leisure centres and industrial and manufacturing sectors use RPZ valves to protect their mains water supply and prevent any back flow.

RPZ valves are an important backflow preventer. This means they prevent water flowing backwards within your water system and act as an important component in keeping your water system Legionella compliant.

In all water systems, occasionally, the water pressure can suddenly drop, causing water to flow in the opposite direction and allow contaminated water to enter the supply.

As a preventative measure, you can install an RPZ valve. Then the contaminated water will not be able to enter the water supply.

As part of our RPZ Services, we can help you with RPZ valve installation, maintenance, and testing.


Total Environmental Compliance can:

  • Help you manage the risks of Legionella and other dangerous contaminates in your water system.
  • Advise you if you need to install an RPZ Valve and what the most suitable valve to select is.
  • Provide annual servicing and regular testing by WRAS approved engineers.
  • Carry out any RPZ repairs or installations with minimum disruption to your premises, whether you have one or several RPZ valves.
  • Provide RPZ testing for all valve manufacturers.
  • Communicate with your local water supplier on your behalf.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your RPZ requirements or for some advice from our friendly experts.

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Knowsley Council

We have built a very good partnership with the contractor.  We value their professional advice, but also feel comfortable in challenging them if required. Our organisations communicate on several levels from support staff through to management and we find them approachable, very responsive, and extremely helpful on all levels.

The company’s performance has significantly improved the Council’s compliance with ACOP L8, which means we consistently hit internal key performance indicators in this respect.

- Julie Gunson, Statutory Compliance Manger