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Heating and Chilled Closed System Maintenance

Closed System Maintenance to BSRIA Specifications

Total Environmental Compliance offers a wide range of expert closed system services in line with BSRIA specifications BS8552, BG50 and BG29, that include:

  • Chemical analysis of chilled and heating closed systems
  • Bacteriology testing of closed systems
  • Supply of closed system biocides and inhibitors.
  • Tailored chemical supply and chemical analysis to suit your system needs
  • Installation and commissioning of new closed systems
  • A range of liquid chemical treatments to reduce contamination, maintain pH levels, remove sludge, inhibit corrosion and scale

Effective water management in a closed system will:

  • Save you money on your heating and cooling bills
  • Extend the life expectancy of your closed system
  • Reduce water consumption and improve your green credentials

Our engineers can sample to BSRIA standards and produce BSRIA specification certificates via UKAS accredited lab. They can also complete on site chemical analysis and produce instant closed system reports that can be used to determine chemical treatment required.

Water treatment technicians can carry out dynamic balanced flushing and conduct both online and offline system flushing regimes.

We also supply Glycol/Antifreeze protection to prevent frost build-up and protect all levels of chilled systems.

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Over the years TEC has been a reliable partner providing consistency on the services we require. The team is competent, flexible and forthcoming which we really appreciate given the business we are. I thoroughly recommend their services for water management.


- Gustavo Abreu, Kier PFI Contracts Manager, Waltham Forest