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X-Pot® Side Stream Filtration Service

Prolong the life of your closed system & Reduce your Heating bills with X-Pot® Side Stream Filtration

Closed systems can suffer from debris that remains in following an installation or modification.

Build-up of solid material and sludge can affect chemical treatment programmes, causing poor performance and potential blockages in your closed water system.

Keep your valves and heat exchangers working efficiently and without corrosion and bacterial growth with our X-Pot® side stream service. Clean systems use less energy to heat / cool systems therefore reducing your energy consumption and bills.

The all-in one:

  • Side stream filter
  • Magnetic filter
  • Air separator
  • And dosing unit


Total Environmental Compliance is proud to offer a complete solution for supply, installation, and service of the X-Pot® side stream filters onto all types of closed system. Helping your organisation conform to the advice from BSRIA in BG29 and BG50.


Side Stream Filtration

Side Stream Filtration can be used to help maintain a low concentration of suspended solids in the circulating water following pre-commission cleaning and reduce the risk of solid deposition and under deposit corrosion in areas of low flow.

In addition to the long-term benefits of early installation of side stream filtration, it can also help to maintain water quality during the commissioning period.


Why X-Pot®?

Modern heating and cooling systems are commonly designed with high efficiency heating and cooling water generators. The X-POT ® contains incredibly powerful magnetic filtration along with fine cartridge or bag filtration (X-POT XP). It is designed to tackle commercial ® systems, from the small to the very large, which include heavy industrial applications.

There is an X-POT to suit all needs. ® The patented innovative design characteristics and high quality production of the X-POT make ® installation and ongoing maintenance extremely straightforward and simple.



  • Meets the intent of BSRIA BG29 and BG50
  • Engineered to be easily adapted to your system
  • Works to reduce oxygen levels in your water system by removes air and system microbubbles, a major contributor to system corrosion.
  • Can be utilised as a dosing pot to add chemicals to the system.
  • Captures and removes magnetic and nonmagnetic suspended solids.


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Achieve Total Compliance

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Total Environmental Compliance complete hundreds of risk assessments for Torus Housing Group. The reports provided to our Compliance Team are well presented, easy to read and provide all the detail we need for the effective management of legionella. The PDF reports generated on their bespoke Legionella Risk Assessment App include a general building overview, a summary of the assessment, a management control section, photographic evidence, and an accurate asset register. Most importantly, the risk related  actions for non-compliant items are easy to locate and clearly colour-coded. The recommendations highlighted, along with the detailed schematics provide us with all the information we need.

- Stephen Edwards, Torus Compliance Lead - Legionella and Lifts