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Total Environmental Compliance Ltd offer a safe and efficient water management programme in partnership with our clients. Water Quality testing is a part of this programme and conforms to the provisions of ACoP L8 and our commitments to the Statement of Compliance of the Legionella Control Association (formerly Code of Conduct Association).
Analytical Services include monthly water temperature readings, monthly process water analysis, quarterly microbiological sampling, half yearly inspection/ cleaning of cooling towers, annual inspection of tanks and calorifiers etc.

Our sampling technicians are trained to follow aseptic sampling techniques. They are experienced in sampling procedures as detailed in industrial standards like BS7592:2008, BS8554:2015 etc.

Accuracy you can rely on:
Reliability and accuracy of environmental data are essential for correct assessment of a potential health risk and also to ensure that implementation of environmental remediation is based on correct assumptions and data.

Total Environmental Compliance run all sampling and testing through UKAS accredited independent laboratories against the International Standard ISO 17025. Quality of environmental data is a key priority and we are proud of our flexible planning and use of the latest technologies to ensure fast and reliable delivery.  This means reliable results that allow you to take decisions with confidence.

In addition to ISO 17025, our laboratories test regulatory drinking water samples and as hold other accreditations to the DWTS (Drinking Water Testing Specification), Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) for waste water for Sampling and Chemical Testing of:

  • Untreated Sewage
  • Treated Sewage Effluents
  • Trade Effluents

Our laboratories are also capable to offer quick turnaround legionella testing methods like PCR technique, which is ideal for legionella positive or outbreak situations.