Award Winners “Partners in Sustainability – Public Sector”, PFM Awards 2023

We are proud to have won this category that reflects the push for Net Zero and the widely recognised need to reduce the impact of facilities on the environment.

Last night (1st November 2023) Mark Drinkhill, Managing Director of Total Environmental Compliance Ltd (TEC) and Peter McGowan, Managing Director of ECS Ltd (Electrical Compliance and Safety) attended the 30th anniversary of the PFM Awards ceremony, at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London.

Both Total Environmental Compliance Ltd and ECS Ltd are part of Premier Services Technical Group (PTSG).

TEC were winners in the ‘Partners in Sustainability-Public Sector’ category, for the work they do with Change Grow Live (CGL) , providing a Remote Temperature Monitoring service across 100 CGL sites throughout the UK.

CGL is a charity that exists for people who need help with challenges including drugs and alcohol, trouble with housing, domestic abuse and mental and physical well being. Its services are free and confidential. It has grown from a tiny volunteer-led Sussex-based organisation to a nationwide charity that helps tens of thousands of people each day.
CGL has multiple small sites spread nationwide, each requiring weekly/fortnightly/monthly flushing and samples.

Working collaboratively, TEC and CGL agreed on a Remote Temperature Monitoring service, a system combining hardware and software to perform remote automatic temperature auditing and data logging.

The remote temperature monitoring technology is attached to CGL’s assets and provides continual access to real time temperature monitoring (via a dashboard), giving us an accurate take on how each asset is performing and enabling effective recommendations to be made based upon these results.

Remote temperature monitoring puts TEC in the beneficial position of no longer needing to send an engineer to site, saving time and money. This in turn helps to remove access issues because, with site visits no longer needed, TEC will never interrupt CGL’s operations to complete necessary works.

It saves on:
• water costs – having to run outlets until they reach temperature, wasting water;
• energy costs – having to use gas to heat the water;
• engineer visits – L8 testing, travel time and fuel costs; and
• carbon use

“To have been shortlisted and then to win this award for the Remote Temperature Monitoring service we provide to Change Grow Live is a fantastic achievement and something that we are really proud of” commented Mark Drinkhill, Managing Director, TEC.

We are proud to have won this category that reflects the push for Net Zero and the widely recognised need to reduce the impact of facilities on the environment by lowering carbon emissions, maximising resources, streamlining energy usage and minimising waste in all areas, among other things.

A big ‘Thank you’ to Change Grow Live (CGL) who supported us through this award entry and during the judges panel interview.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discover more about the benefits of remote temperature monitoring at or call 0151 2579302.