Change Grow Live (CGL) opt for New Money Saving Temperature Monitoring Sensors

"TEC are proud to be working at over 100 CGL sites, installing remote temperature sensors. "

Total Environmental Compliance recently started working with CGL (Change Grow Live), a nationwide charity.

Change Grow Live has grown from a tiny volunteer-led Sussex-based organisation, to a nationwide charity that helps tens of thousands of people each day. CGL help people with challenges including drugs and alcohol, housing, justice, health and wellbeing.

TEC are proud to be working at over 100 CGL sites, installing remote temperature sensors. This new technology provides a Legionella pipe monitoring solution.

How does it work?

  1. Discreet sensors (with a 7–10-year battery life) are installed on the pipework.
  2. Every 5 seconds, the sensors send data to a cloud connector in the building.
  3. That cloud connector then sends data via secure cellular networks.
  4. All the temperature monitoring data can be accessed and viewed on a mobile or computer, giving you very powerful insights.
  5. Any alerts or one-click reports are delivered to our team via SMS or email alerts.

Remote temperature monitoring is providing us with a more sustainable way of working. It means that we can avoid sending engineers to site to carry out manual temperature monitoring, thus helping us meet our carbon reduction targets. We can measure and monitor temperatures at any time and more frequently, allowing us more accurate knowledge on how each asset is performing and make effective recommendations based upon these results.

For sites where access can be an issue, remote temperature monitoring solves many problems.

Schools, care homes, charities, social housing and multi-site organisations would benefit enormously from this technology.

Existing flushing regimes waste thousands of litres of water each year, as well as consume large amounts of gas from heating taps too. Remote monitoring is helping us to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save carbon consumption
  • Improve compliance

Get in touch with us today to explore how remote temperature monitoring could benefit your organisation. Call 0151 2579302.