TE Compliance Limited is a multi-disciplinary consultancy providing high quality monitoring and assessment services through our dedicated team of specialist environmental consultants. 

Our team have practical experience of helping companies comply with the environmental legislation and directives that affect the modern manufacturing business in the industrial sector. We are also able to offer a complete range of occupational exposure monitoring strategies to identify, assess and control risks to workers health and to assess indoor air quality. All occupational exposure monitoring is carried out using HSE, NIOSH or OSHA validated methods and will provide data to allow comparison with HSE Workplace Exposure Limits as stated in EH40. 

We provide a broad range of environmental consultancy services, tailored to your business including:

  • Industrial Noise Assessment
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing
  • Stack Emissions Monitoring
  • Occupational Exposure Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Hand-Arm Vibration Studies 
  • DSEAR Assessments

We are always here to ensure our environmental consultancy services work to help solve your particular compliance issue or your specific legal duties. We have designed our consultancy to work together with our clients, providing a final written report detailing actions implemented.

Please contact us about your next project and see how we can help you comply in the most effective manner. 


Occupational Exposure Monitoring

Many people are exposed to a variety of substances at work such as chemicals, vapours, fumes, dusts and fibres which may be classified as hazardous to health. Several diseases associated with hazardous substances may not appear until several years after first exposure. It is important therefore to know in advance how to protect employee’s health. In order to determine how to protect workers from such substances, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations impose duties on employers to monitor its employees exposure to hazardous substances… more

Industrial Noise Assessment

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 came into force on 6th April 2006 implementing the EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive 2003/10/EC.

The Regulations state that an employer who carries out work which is liable to expose any employees to noise at or above the lower exposure action value shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risk from that noise to the health and safety of those employees… more

Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing

Local Exhaust Ventilation (commonly known as LEV) is an engineering control designed to prevent or reduce the level of hazardous substances being breathed by employees in the workplace. Systems usually consist of an inlet such as a booth, hood or cabinet placed close to or around the release point of an airborne hazardous substance… more

Stack Emissions Monitoring

Under The Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 a number of industrial processes have to be registered. The registration for Part A processes is controlled by The Environment Agency. These are potentially the more polluting processes.   Those which are deemed to be of a less polluting nature are classed as Part A2 or Part B processes and are controlled by Local Authority Environmental… more


‘TE Compliance Limited are our preferred contractor for Emission Monitoring Testing in associating annual testing requirements as set out in the site permit to operate.

They have worked on our site for over 10 years and we have found them to be most professional in their operations. TE Compliance have a diligent approach to the testing schedules and the reports are issued in a timely manner, and adhere to all the sites rules and regulations.

TE Compliance supply the site with a comprehensive report that we send to our regulating body and we also use the information in other external and internal reporting. They also provide sample testing requested by our health and safety department with the same professional approach.’


Vauxhall Motors Thumbnail Daz Heath – Site Environmental Engineer