In response to the Prime Ministers Statement on Monday, Total Environmental Compliance Ltd has taken the decision to suspend all non-essential site activities to help stop the spread of Covid-19 virus.

In line with government instructions, we will be keeping this decision under constant review as this unprecedented situation continues to unfold and as further guidance and instructions are issued.

Our primary aim is to maintain the health, safety and well being of our staff, families, clients, customers and the general public from Covid-19.

However, The Health and Safety at Work Act still applies, and therefore any work premises should continue to manage any risks associated with legionella.

This impacts all our clients in every sector we service. We are following the current advice and guidance provided by the LCA & the government. “Many legionella control activities are monitoring measures rather than interventions and there may be some flexibility in how these are maintained during the COVID-19 situation.” Source LCA (Legionella Control Association).

If we can be of any assistance providing essential or emergency services including Legionella Management and Infection Control Cleaning Services to you and your clients, then please get in touch on 0151 257 9302.

Stay Safe.