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Closed water treatment systems are re-circulatory by design, this means the same water is continually circulated, and generally speaking the water therein is not exposed to the environment. In closed water systems the interiors of boilers, chillers, heat exchangers and pipes are rarely seen. Problems such as corrosion, scaling and fouling can cause high energy consumption and poor heat transfer. This can also lead to very expensive repair bills and shortages in the life expectance of kit.

Closed water systems are best protected when the chemistry of the circulating water is routinely monitored and corrected to prevent the deterioration of the systems. In other words, protective monitoring must be applied if systems are to perform at their optimum levels for many years.

TE Compliance Ltd have a wealth of experience supporting our customers with the management and protection of closed water systems. We can support you with the following: 

•             Closed system water analysis

•             Closed system bacterial analysis

•             Closed system chemical dosing

•             Closed system flushing and refurbishment

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