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We are a one stop shop for the supply of multitude of chemicals and water conditioning products which are essential to maintain water quality in a wide variety of applications. Our consultants and chemists are experts in the industry to design tailor made solutions and recommend a chemical application programme which is suitable for your requirements.

We source our chemical products from local suppliers who are reliable in quality, value customer service and guarantee prompt delivery of goods. Common products we supply to various applications include but not limited to:

Domestic Water Treatment:

Disinfectants: Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Hypochlorites or Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide based products suitable for continuous dose or shock disinfection of town mains and private water supplies. Our custom made Chlorine Dioxide generator units are available for full installation or on short term rental basis.

Neutralisers: For neutralising oxidising biocides after shock disinfection/chlorination works

Scale Controllers: Typically used in nano filtration or reverse osmosis plants

Industrial Water Treatment:

Cooling tower or Evaporative Condenser Systems: We supply complete range of conventional treatment chemicals like Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors, Primary Biocides (eg. Oxidising biocides like Bromine tablets, stabilised bromine solutions etc.), Secondary Non-oxidising Biocides which are custom made to suit the metallurgy of the system as well as the quality of supply and circulating water. Alternatively, we can also offer ‘drum free’ solid water treatment chemistry which is much more environmentally friendly and safe to handle and storage.

Boilers and Closed Heating or Cooling Systems: Our unique blend of synergistic treatment chemicals for scale, corrosion and microbiological control ensures your system is maintained without the fear of frequent breakdowns due to poor water quality.

Ornamental and Leisure Water Systems: We have a range of treatment chemicals for Swimming pools, Spa, Hydrotherapy Baths and Water Features to reduce the effect of contamination and microbiological load.

Effluent Water Systems: Our bio pillows are used in effluent water reduce the effect of oil spillage and grease.

Ancillary Supply: In addition to the chemical products, we supply complimentary conditioning products like sediment filters, UV disinfection units, chemical dosing systems, bio-fouling monitor systems, corrosion racks and Corrators, Cooling tower controllers and online water treatment monitoring software systems. We also supply test kits and reagents, dipslides, ATP meters and swabs to assist Site technicians to operate and monitor the quality of their water systems.

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